Why I Homeschool

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I would home school.  And they’re right, it’s A LOT of work, it’s time consuming and extremely frustrating at times.  I’ll admit that I don’t think I’m great at it, and I only home school one of my children.  The alternative was the school my son was going to, the teacher didn’t have patience for him because he has a communication delay and doesn’t always comprehend something when it’s frist spoken.  We switched teachers, but this one said she didn’t have time to redirect him to assigned tasks.  Her solution was to allow him to sit in a corner all day with a book and be ostracized by her and the other students.  I asked about maybe a teacher’s assistant and was told that there was one, but she was busy making copies.  I decided that I couldn’t afford private school and had no guarantee that it would be any better.  I thought, for the short length of time we will be stationed here, it might be best to home school until we move to a better school system.  It turns out, I kind of like it.  My son is learning in leaps and bounds, which is more than he was getting at school, and he definitely needs more personal attention than most kids.  This may have been the best decision I’ve ever made.


I don’t know what it is about me, whether it’s a curse, the way the planets are aligned or just plain bad luck, but I seem to attract it. I’m not trying to turn this into a pity party, but holy $#*t.
So this is my pledge to everyone and everything that I’m going to try to have a better outlook on life. Maybe the scientologists are right and positive energy will attract more positive energy!
Let’s see how it goes. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as to the progress.

Daycare Danger

I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I’m against daycare. I know sometimes they are necessary, as they were for me at the time this incident happened (about three and a half years ago). I just want to let everyone know my story so that they can make one hundred percent sure of the place they are trusting with their child.
It was an exciting day for me. I had dropped my two year-old son off with the daycare so that I could go to a few interviews. I got the job I wanted!!! I was positively jubilant! I returned to the daycare to pick up my son so that we could celebrate.
When I arrived, I noticed a police car leaving the parking lot. I assumed he was just turning around.
I walk into the daycare where I’m met by the owner of the facility. She has me enter her office and tells me there’s been an incident we need to discuss. My immediate thoughts are that he must have bitten someone, he was going through a bit of a biting stage at that point.
She proceeds to tell me that the incident was my son had “gotten out.” Of course I asked for clarification on this statement. She then informs me that he had been left alone during nap time and the front door had been left unlocked. He apparently had seen this and walked out the front door. She tells me she had heard the door close and ran to get him in immediately. He had only made it to the front porch of the building. Then she mentions that the neighboring business had witnessed this happen and had called the police.
I’m doing my best to stay calm and not overreact (blow my friggin’ top) to this story. She tries to twist the situation into being my fault for not informing her he was able to open doors, but I countered with aren’t there laws about having locks on doors of daycare facilities? At this point she finally has her workers bring me my son and I leave as quickly as possible.
On the way to my car I think about what she said about the police being called. How would the neighbors see him if he only got to the porch? So I walk over to talk with them.
I walk in and thank these men for being so vigilant as to look out for my son. They tell me that they’re glad she had told me what happened. Then added, “We are all fathers here, and our hearts all stopped when the truck had to swerve from hitting him.” (My mind’s a little cloudy now.)
“What do you mean truck? She said he was on the porch.”
“No ma’am, he was in the middle of the street. He was walking on the CENTER LINE of the street.” (panic is setting in as I start to think of what has just happened and what could have happened.)
I know I need to get out of there before I melt down in front of these strangers. I thank them again and tell them to rest assured he would not be returning to this daycare.
I make it to my car when I “freak out.” I mean I’m crying and not sure what to do, but at the same time I’m thrilled that he doesn’t seem to be injured.
When I regained my composure, I drove home and began thinking about the situation rationally. I contacted the police station that had been called to the incident to request an incident report. They inform me that none was made because they didn’t see it as a legal matter. (WHAT!?! If I had let my own son out, they would have arrested me and taken him away from me, and God only knows what else.)
Then I contacted Child Protective Services. They sound interested and tell me that they will start an investigation into the incident. The following day, they come to interview me for my side of events. I go through the story and then ask what is going to be done. The reply was, “She’ll probably get a slap on the wrist. This kind of thing happens more often than you know.” (Now I’m just floored! I can’t believe that nothing will happen to the person I entrusted with the care of my son was negligent and this could have resulted in serious harm or even death.)
Since this is the case, I decided to involve the media. They were able to uncover a surveillance video showing him in the street and a truck veering out of the way to miss him. The man driving stops, picks up my son and takes him back to the daycare. For more on the news story, here’s the link. http://www.wave3.com/Global/story.asp?S=5437682.
Through the course of the investigation, its discovered that my son was outside the building anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes. I went to two court proceedings over this, and sure enough, the daycare was only given a slap on the wrist. She has to put a piece of paper on her wall explaining what happened, which she hangs with all of her certificates.
Needless to say, I’ve been extremely picky when it comes to leaving people with my children ever since. This is just intended to be a warning for anyone in this position. I feel that the system failed my son and me, because this lady(and I use that term loosely) is still able to care for other people’s children and has never shown an ounce of remorse or even an acceptance of blame in this situation. To me, a failure to accept fault is admitting that you will make the same mistakes.

Well, this is my official début into the blogging world! I’m kind of excited about it. I’m notorious for giving opinions and just like to share details of my life with anyone who will listen. I hope that I can serve as some kind of entertainment for you. But if not, that’s okay, I’ll just keep on writing because it’s cheaper than seeing a shrink. Thanks everyone!